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We are happy to provide DJ’s with all the music and styles that you may need, whether a retro, pop, modern, Greek or a flavor you like or even a combination of all, then we are ready to help.


Panos Antoniadis, an experienced DJs and music lover has created the Santorini DJ, one of the best DJ companies in Santorini, both in terms of professionalism and technology.

For many years Panos has been active in the music industry, has worked in large music clubs in Athens and Santorin as well as being involvement with radio, producing and creating successful radio shows.

Included with Dj, is the desk, cordless microphone, music and speakers -the complete package. For every extra 20 people please ask for a quote as different speakers and amplifiers needed. There is a charge of  40 euro per hour for the upgrade on equipment.

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